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April 2024Pharmacos Media : Formulations : Aiglon unveils Naturelyn Oil, the sustainable alternative to Paraffinum liquidum
April 2024Cosmetics industry: a natural alternative to kerosene oil
October 2023Cosmetics: Naturelyn 500 B certified by Cosmos Ecocert
July 2023Pharmacos Media: Aiglon obtains ISO 14001 certification
July 2023Cosmetics: Aiglon obtains ISO 14001 certification
May 2022Pharmacos Media : Aiglon launches a 100% natural alternative to mineral Vaseline
March 2022Doctissimo : Vaseline : how to use it well ?
November-December 2021Expression Cosmétique : Aiglojell for make-up remover, purely magical
October 2021Expression Cosmétique: The discreet charm of Aiglon vaselines
September 2021Cosmétique Mag : Vaseline imitates nature to protect the skin
July 2021Expression Cosmétique: Make-up and Vaseline: a too perfect marriage!
April 2021Full article: Cosmetic ingredients: fake news, real impacts?
April : Puyoo 2021 prize for multiple disabilities requiring the daily intervention
intervention of a third party on a daily basis
April : Puyoo 2021 prize on multiple disabilities requiring the daily intervention
intervention of a third person
April Multiple disabilities: Call for applications on the theme of multiple disabilities
March 2021Cosmetic expression: Vaseline and perfume, a long love story
December : Five projects rewarded by the Puyoo Prize on anorexianervosa
November 2020Cosmetic Ingredient Guide: Cosmetic Ingredients: False News: Real Impacts
October 2020Cosmétique Mag: Anti-ageing care: which texture to choose?
September 2020Expression Cosmétique: Veggie Gel, the green solution for your formulations
September 2020Cosmétique Mag: Veggie Gel, the green solution for your formulations
July 24, : Fight against isolation : The Aresato association launches the solidarity tombola "Keep the link".
May-June 2020Cosmetic Expression: Treat and beautify your lips
March 23, 2020Newsletter: Continuity Plan - 23 March 2020
March-April 2020Cosmetic expression: The great return of styling wax
December 2019Cosmetic Ingredient Guide: Searching for MOSH and MOAH in cosmetics: Is it relevant?
November 2019Press release: For its fourth edition, the Puyoo Prize rewards five projects based on support in geriatrics
October 2019Mag Cosmetics: Smilyn, Biodegradable Vaseline
May-June 2019Cosmetic expression: Vaseline is also for athletes
March-April 2019
Cosmetic expression: Smilyn, Biodegradable Vaseline
March 2019
Cosmetics Mag: Aiglon - 3rd edition of the Puyoo Prize

November-December 2018
Cosmetic expression: Sleek and Oh so chic! Lip gloss is back in fashion