A green alternative to petroleum jellyNaturelyn

Aiglon is renowned for the high quality of its traditional mineral petroleum jellies. It created Naturelyn with the same objectives of specification and performance requirements. Naturelyn is an amazingly efficient, natural alternative to mineral petroleum jelly.

Biodegradable and GMO free, with a Natural Origin Index of 1, Naturelyn is produced with 100% natural origin ingredients.

Pure and white, Naturelyn has all the virtues of Aiglon petroleum jellies: moisturising, protecting, healing. It is creamy, spreads easily and penetrates well into the skin. It is a tremendous base for all dermo-cosmetic creams, sun care creams, and numerous cosmetic formulations.

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Naturelyn is a mixture of specially selected raw materials. It is exceptionally pure. Naturelyn is manufactured and packaged according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Specific characteristics can be created according to the customer's needs and their use: creams, ointments, etc.

Aiglon is following the trends of its customers, who are increasingly concerned about the impact of their consumption on the environment. As a result, it is broadening the spectrum of its raw materials by reinforcing its requirements in terms of sustainable development and CSR. Naturelyn, with 100% ingredients of natural origin, fits perfectly into this strategy.

The results of the patch test are outstanding: Naturelyn is perfectly tolerated by the skin. No irritation was observed by the volunteers who tested it.