Aiglon Who are we?

An emblematic manufacturer for over 120 years, Aiglon embodies the very essence of French savoir-faire.

Specialized in the manufacture of vaselines, waxes, gels and pharmaceutical white oilsAiglon is constantly initiating and developing innovative solutions to meet the requirements of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Our certifications GMP/BPF Pharma, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Cosmos Ecocert and Ecovadis (gold), testify to our rigorous approach to products of remarkable quality, exceptional purity and impeccable traceability.

Aiglon also stands out for its eco-responsible approach, offering biosourced products (naturalness index = 1), thus providing alternative solutions to petroleum jelly, oils and mineral-based polymers.

Listening, partnership, loyalty: our commitment and dedication to our customers are rooted in our corporate culture.



Vaseline is an ingredient widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Aiglon, the only manufacturer in France, offers the widest range of vaseline on the market.

The Codex vaselines manufactured by Aiglon maintain this level of quality. The results of the current tests are clearly above the standards in force (US Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia...)

Listening to customers, our teams innovate and create new textures These include tailor-made vaselines, a range of transparent gelling agents (Transgels), waxes for special applications, and natural plant-derived alternative products with the Naturelyn range, certified by Cosmos-Ecocert, Naturelyn Oil, Cosmos approved, and Naturelyn DP60, a thickener.

A bespoke product just for you – Aiglon makes it happen !

The European GMP Part II certification is the only regulatory reference that can be used during inspections of pharmaceutical establishments by their supervisory authorities.

Other “good manufacturing practice” alternative references, created by membership organisations, are much less restrictive and do not give the right to sell petroleum jellies as API’s.