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Without knowing, we all use petroleum jelly regularly. In 95% of cases it is applied to the skin.


Although it has been around for more than 100 years, petroleum jelly is not well known about. And yet it is present in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Aiglon Group, a specialist of petroleum jellies, mainly manufactures Codex petroleum jellies which are the purest in the world.


Petroleum jelly is the n° 1 excipient in pharmaceutical creams and ointments. Its chemical inertness and neutrality are essential. Petroleum jelly respects the therapeutic characteristics (active ingredients) of medications. Its stability and its immutability guarantee the preservation and the constancy of these active ingredients.

It is used in the treatment of dry skins, skin disorders, and the acceleration of wound healing…

Its softening characteristic is important for preventing dehydration (moisturising creams for example). It is THE reference for moisturising.

For boxing, rugby, and all contact sports, it is healing and relaxing. It is often used by masseurs.

For cosmetics, where petroleum jelly is in direct contact with the skin, hands and lips, the texture is essential. It improves the visual aspect, the fibrousness, the touch, the spreadability of the product, and also the capacity to add shine to hair or lips.

Everyday uses

Petroleum jelly is present in many cosmetic products: face and body creams, hair removal creams, body lotions, lipstick, deodorant, make-up remover…

Well-known medications also contain petroleum jelly: creams, ointments and salves for treating burns, dermatitis, urticaria, skin irritations, rashes and chapping; moisturisers, ophthalmic ointments, gauzes... The only petroleum jellies authorised for oral use, Aiglon Codex petroleum jellies are a base for ingested laxatives. Petroleum jelly is also used in veterinary treatments: salves, vaccines… Other types of petroleum jellies are used in modelling clays, candles, polishes and other technical products…

Aiglon manufactures Codex petroleum products, the only products authorised for oral use, unlike petrolatum,

Aiglon manufactures custom-made petroleum jellies to meet your specifications:

  • Pharmaceutical Codex petroleum jellies
  • Synthetic petroleum jellies without mineral oil
  • Synthetic-based petroleum jellies
  • Washable petroleum jellies