Naturalness and brilliance VEGGIE GEL

Lipophilic, bio-sourced and biodegradable, Veggie Gel is an Aiglon creation.

Soft and silky

Veggie Gel is used as a sensorial texturiser. This is a pleasant-feeling, pure, transparent, high shine, anhydrous gel. Soft and silky on the skin. Veggie Gel texturises vegetable and mineral oils, silicones and esters depending on the quantities.

Stable and hydrophobic

Veggie Gel improves the stability of water in oil emulsions. It promotes good dispersion of particles in products. It is hydrophobic and reinforces the viscosity in oil phases. It is compatible with many natural oils, polar oils and esters.

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Veggie Gel is composed of more than 80% of a non-GMO, renewable, biosourced emollient. This anhydrous gel is biodegradable. It has successfully passed the standardized test of biodegradability according to the OECD 301B method. It has already seduced many formulators and marketing departments.

The main raw material used in Veggie Gel is Cosmos-Ecocert certified (C15-19 Alkane).

It is ideal for skin care creams, sun products, deodorants, glosses, lipsticks and many other cosmetic products. It leaves a non-sticky finish in lip glosses, adds shine to lip balms, is soft and very pleasant to spread in moisturizers. In an anti-aging facial cream, its creamy and soft texture brings softness, a feeling of indulgence....