Aiglon is recognized for its RSEECOVADIS approach

French specialist for pharmaceutical and cosmetic petroleum jelly, Aiglon was graded in the GOLD category by the Ecovadis platform for its undertakings in CSR.

A major collaborative platform, Ecovadis helps companies to evaluate the environmental and social performances of their suppliers all over the world. A key element in responsible procurement policy, they incite companies to reduce risks and encourage eco-innovations in supply chains.

Aiglon adheres to a rigorous security policy in manufacturing its products and is certified GMP, the strictest of certifications in the pharmaceutical supplier industry.

After obtaining a "SILVER" level of recognition in 2016, Aiglon received the "GOLD" label for its CSR approach in 2019, confirmed in 2021, then 2023 . This excellent result places the group amongthe top 5% of companies.

"This rating is a very strong encouragement in our policy of environmental and social responsibility". Philippe CONTIdirector of Aiglon

Aiglon controls its environmental impactISO14001

In 2023, Aiglon obtained ISO 14001 certification. A new step in its CSR approach!

ISO 14001 certification guarantees control of environmental impacts

It covers all the company's impacts: waste, noise, greenhouse gases, energy, subsoil, etc. ISO 14001 certification illustrates Aiglon's ongoing drive to reduce its environmental impact.

The Aiglon Group (Aiglon, Synteal, Civetea)Responsible Purchasing Policy

Management commitment - The issues

Aiglon's Responsible Purchasing approach is at the heart of the Group's CSR challenges.

The Aiglon Group's Purchasing Department determines the general framework of this policy.
The Suppliers policy and the Responsible Purchasing Commitment Charter specific to the Aiglon Group state that the Group's values are respected by its suppliers and subcontractors and that environmental, social, and human rights clauses are systematically included in the contracts.

Thus, the management of the Aiglon Group has adopted a responsible purchasing policy that specifies the main environmental, social, economic and human rights issues at stake in its markets, as well as the means implemented by the Aiglon Group to meet them.


Responsibilities are defined in our procedures and the Aiglon organization chart.

Responsible purchasing and monitoring objectives

To reach its objectives, Aiglon studies and evaluates the environmental and social impacts of its supply chain; the means used are essentially the returns of questionnaires, charters and commitments of its suppliers.

These aspects are also studied during on-site audits.

These documents are periodically re-evaluated to meet our evolving goals.

This responsible purchasing policy applies to all suppliers, actors in the purchasing process and to our employees who are required to read this document: management team, executives, employees.

It is communicated to clients and is available to the public on our website

It is broken down into a plan of action along 4 lines:

  • Ensure responsible behaviour in supplier relations
  • Integrate environmental and societal aspects into our purchasing process
  • To improve the quality of our relationships with our suppliers in a sustainable way
  • Integrate this responsible purchasing policy into existing governance mechanisms


84% of suppliers are covered by the Responsible Purchasing Charter.

85% of our suppliers referenced within the Aiglon Group have been subject to a CSR assessment

Annual report GHG emissions AIGLON

Our GHG reduction targets Sustainable development

Scope 1

To achieve its objectives, Aiglon is committed to a sustainable development approach. This approach is based on projects that reduce emissions on the production site, using the latest technologies available:

In order to achieve this, several areas of improvement have been initiated.

Energy efficiency improvements

  • Installation of a new generation boiler,
  • Optimization of the steam network (condensates and traps),
  • Economizer on the gaseous effluents of steam production,
  • Programmed management of steam outages.

Our target for 2023: 50% reduction in GHGs

Scope 2

Reduction of electrical consumption

  • Optimization of the electric heating of the premises by deploying a low consumption system with high calorific power,
  • Replacement of incandescent or halogen lamps with LEDs.

Our target for 2024: 20% reduction in GHGs

Scope 3

GHG reduction

  • Reinforcement of the measures implemented concerning telework,
  • Purchasing policy aimed at reducing upstream/downstream packaging waste and promoting recycling,
  • Optimization of waste sorting and recycling,
  • Provide R&D with the means to develop alternative products made from bio-based raw materials with a low carbon footprint.

Our target for 2024: 15% reduction in GHGs

Petroleum jelly: CSR (Corporate social responsibility) in actions

Petroleum jelly is not only an excipient, emollient, lubricator and active principle with unbeatable qualities; it’s also, more and more a “green” product.

Aiglon, the only manufacturer of petroleum jellies in France, certified GMP part II, has developed a manufacturing process which produces virtually no waste. This is this first sign of respect for the environment.

Aiglon’s strategy is to propose petroleum jellies and cosmetic gels which reduce the impact on the environment. In 2013 the company created AigloSyn, a range of mineral-oil-free petroleum jellies offering the same benefits, the same quality and the same purity as the traditional petroleum jellies made by Aiglon.

In 2016, Smilyn was launched on the market: the first biodegradable petroleum jelly 100% mineral origin. This new generation of petroleum jellies is a preparation obtained through a precise and pertinent selection of components and a process guaranteeing its biodegradability (method OECD 301B-July 1992): Its biodegradability rate attains 60% in only 17 days, opposed to the 28 days required by the test.

Two years later, Veggie Gel, presented at the Incosmetics trade fair in London, was a great success. A product awaited by the market: a lipophilic gel, biodegradable, based, at more than 80 %, on biosourced oil, non GMO. It is used as a sensory and texturizing agent.

2022 saw the creation of Naturelyn, the sustainable alternative to mineral Vaseline, with 100% ingredients of natural origin, biodegradable and GMO-free, Cosmos certified.
In 2024, Aiglon launches Naturelyn Oil, the green alternative to Paraffinum liquidum, and Naturelyn DP60, a 100% natural thickener.

These ongoing innovations are part of Aiglon’s proactive CSR strategy. Or, how a traditionally perceived product leads the way in an earth friendly environment...