The different servicesOUR ORGANISATION

Philippe Conti, President, brings his experience acquired in large international groups and relies on a stable and cosmopolitan team.

A customer-oriented team

The members of the Aiglon team put all their resources at the service of customers. They speak French, English, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish…

The reliability and consistency of the teams at all levels guarantee the perfection of the supply chain and the service.

To meet all customer needs, the Aiglon group has implemented a service able to satisfy within the best delays:

  • price enquiries,
  • delivery terms and availability,
  • analysis or test requests in close relation with the laboratory technical service.

A cosmopolitan commercial team

The commercial team comprises employees from five different nationalities.

Quality department

A quality team experienced with all the requirements for the strictest certifications.

Sales administration, finance administration, quality department, laboratory, factory: an international team flexible and adaptable.