Tailor-made gels COSMETIC GELS

Aiglon’s Transgels are transparent oil and copolymer-based gels.

These are thickeners for clear, brilliant, non-aqueous products. They have excellent suspension and dispersion properties. Colourless, hydrophobic and lipophilic, they are stable over a large temperature range.

  • Transgels find their use in all sorts of creams (make-up, sun care products, deodorants, lipsticks, massage gels, eye shadow, baby oils, body lotions, shower gels…)
  • Transgels are interesting for use as thickeners for mineral oils and most vegetable oils, as well as a large number of fatty alcohols, polybutenes and esters.
  • The great ease of use of Transgel elastomers is due to their temperature-dependent behaviour. They are stable over a wide temperature range, melt between 70 and 100°C and recover their gel texture by simple cooling. This thermal cycle can be performed as many times as necessary.
  • They are particulary useful in water-resistant products.


Other cosmetic gels are available, mineral oil-based or polymer-free synthetic compounds. They can be used in anti-wrinkle gels, body care gels, sunscreens, make-up removers, shaving products, lipsticks and gloss.