Aiglon, a long-term, solid and referenced partnerPHARMACEUTICS

Pharmaceutical companies need providers of their medicines to have all the required certifications, including the most important one, European GMP/BPF Part II.

Beyond this certification, Aiglon is a financially sound independent group, with its own 35,000 m2 production site at Précy-sur-Oise near Chantilly, including a 12,000 m2 covered production plant. A laboratory run by two PhDs in chemistry is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

7 reasons to work with Aiglon and to formulate with our petroleum jellies

Aiglon's activities are dedicated to 90% of petroleum jellies and derived products.

Aiglon has been a dedicated specialist of petroleum jelly for 40 years.

Our production capacity is about 20,000 tonnes. Our good financial results offer security to our customers, guaranteeing their supply.

Quick answers, quality welcoming and personalised contacts. Our partners appreciate our reactivity and flexibility.

The Aiglon group is highly valued by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries internationally.

Our vaselines are stable, neutral and unalterable.

Our vaselines have superior, unbeatable purity.