Biodegradable petroeum jellySMILYN

Consumers are ever more sensitive to the preservation of the environment and appreciate biodegradable products. Smilyn is the first biodegradable petroleum jelly of 100% mineral origin. It passes the OECD biodegradability test with flying colours.

Smilyn offers cosmetic laboratories the advantages of a mineral origin petroleum jelly, that is yet biodegradable.

Pure, white, without odour or taste, it has all the virtues of Aiglon petroleum jellies: moisturising, protecting, healing. It is creamy, spreads easily and penetrates well into the skin. It is a tremendous base for all dermo-cosmetic creams, sun care creams, and numerous cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

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Smilyn is a mixture of specially selected raw materials. It is exceptionally pure, and meets the requirements of all pharmacopoeias, especially the most stringent, Codex. Aiglon's GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification allows Smilyn biodegradable petroleum jelly to be used not only as a simple excipient, but also as an active ingredient in many MA dossiers.

Stored at room temperature, in its original unopened packaging, away from heat and light, it can be kept for 48 months.

Specific characteristics can be created according to the customer's needs and their use: creams, ointments, etc.

Aiglon supports the trends of its customers, who are increasingly concerned about the impact of their consumption on the environment. As a result, it is broadening the spectrum of its raw materials by strengthening its requirements in terms of sustainable development and CSR. This biodegradable petroleum jelly fits perfectly into this strategy.