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Aiglon Transgels are oil and copolymer based transparent gels. They are thickeners for non-aqueous, clear, shiny products. They have excellent dispersion and suspension characteristics. Colourless, odourless, hydrophobic and lipophilic, they are stable at a large range of temperatures.


Thickeners for non-aqueous, clear products :

  • Hydrophobic clear gels
  • Oil and copolymer based gels
  • Crystal clear, odourless
  • Anhydrous care for face and body: body oils, massage oils, shaving oils, baby oils, aromatherapy...
  • Make-up: lip care, lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, foundation cream.
  • Sun care products.

Mineral oil free versions available

  • Oil and copolymer based clear hydrophobic gels.
  • Stable at a large range of temperatures.
  • Thickeners for crystal-clear anhydrous sytems.
  • Dispersion & suspension properties.
  • Odourless, non toxic and non irritant.

Aiglon manufactures a wide range of tailor-made gels according to customer needs.

Trangel are clear, transparent and shiny gels. The "must have" for your lip glosses! An ideal thickener for gelled cosmetic oils.


Aiglon produces gels with made-to-measure viscosity according to your requirements specifications:

  • Transgel - Cosmetic polymer-based gels
  • Transgel - Elastomeric gels
  • Polymer-free cosmetic gels
  • Veggie Gel