The 5 winners of the 2000 Puyoo Prize: anorexia nervosa

Thefirst prize of 25,000 euros is awarded to Arras Hospital for its "Vertexa" project. Patients suffering from anorexia have a distorted image of their body. Despite their very low weight, they still perceive themselves as overweight, which self-perpetuates the pathology. Virtual reality exercises are used to help them "resynchronize" their body schema with reality. As the average age of patients treated for anorexia is young, the use of digital tools is an excellent motivational lever to get them to adhere to the care programme.

The second prize of 10,000 euros is awarded to the health research unit of the University of Caen, for its project on adapted physical activity. Indeed, anorexics, who have a distorted vision of their body, tend to do far too much sports and physical activity to lose even more weight. The planned study aims to demonstrate that the regulation of physical activity, thanks to adapted support by videoconference, makes it possible to reduce this physical hyperactivity, as well as the sleep disturbances frequently observed in these patients.

The third prize of 7,000 euros is awarded to ANFREPEA (Association Niçoise pour la Formation et la Recherche En Psychiatrie de l'Enfant et de l'Adolescent), attached to the Nice University Hospital, for its Nymphéas care programme for patients suffering from anorexia nervosa, in day and outpatient hospitals, and their families, based on innovative sensory and cognitive therapies, with the involvement of family members from the start of care. This project also provides for the creation of a database and training in anorexia nervosa screening.

The fourth prize of 5,000 euros is awarded to the Centre hospitalier Gérard Marchant , in Toulouse, for its culinary recreation project. In half of the cases, the culinary restrictions that patients impose on themselves alternate with bulimic attacks. The project plans to restore conviviality and creativity with the support of a chef, while improving self-esteem. The memory of this experience will be preserved through photographic work.

The fifth prize of 3,000 euros is awarded to the Fondation Santé des Etudiants de France, for their day hospital project, which enables better acceptance of care. The stay is proposed for an initial period of six weeks, renewable according to the results and objectives. The care offered is psychological, somatic and nutritional and is associated with a return to school. The approaches are collective or individual.

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