The success story of a family group

1901 Creation of Raffinerie de Corps Gras « AIGLON » in Aubervilliers.

The company was quickly on the forefront for manufacturing oils, greases and petroleum jellies for various applications (cars, industrial motors, electric industry, textile industry, cement, printing, small metallurgy, pharmaceutical and veterinary products…). In 1921 Aiglon became « La Raffinerie de Corps Gras de l’Aiglon SA (S.A.R.C.G.A ) »

In memoriam

1970 The Puyoo family takes over the company.

At the time a Spanish teacher in Dax high school, in 1963 Jean-Jacques Puyoo decided to follow in the footsteps of his father who was the co-founder of the HAFA group (motor oils). He created Paneurafric/Redex (automobile products), directed the HAFA oils and bought S.A.R.C.G.A. in 1970. Assisted by his wife Monique (deceased in 2009), he boosted the petroleum jelly activity, manufactured according to the requirements of the French Codex Pharmacopeia, much stricter than the other Pharmacopoeias (EP, BP, USP, DAB…). In 1986 the company added the brand Roxchimie to its range.

1990 Construction of Aiglon’s new factory in Precy-sur-Oise.

Rapidly expanding, the company outgrew the site in Aubervilliers and moved to Précy-sur-Oise. With a ground surface of 35 000m2 for 12 000m2 covered surface, this site allowed for more growth.

1992-1995 : Jean-Jacques Puyoo gave up the brands HAFA, Redex and Sels-Schmeder,
and merged the enterprises Paneurafric and Roxchimie with SARCGA. This entity took the name Aiglon S.A.

 Aiglon obtained its first certification ISO 9002-94.

2003 Aiglon created its first sister company, Synteal, following the takeover of the petroleum
jelly activity of the Group Total-Elf.

Certification ISO 9001 V2000.

2006 Aiglon created its second sister company, Civetea.
This followed the takeover of the civil engineering technical waxes from the Total Group.

2008 The Aiglon group obtained GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice).

2009 The group built a new manufacturing line and modernised the laboratory.
La capacité de production passe  à 20 000 T, ce qui permet de garantir aux clients la souplesse et la sécurité d’approvisionnement. Parallèlement l’ancienne unité vaseline et laboratoire sont entièrement rénovés. L’ensemble de l’opération représente un investissement de 4 M€.

2010 Certification ISO 9001 :2008

2011 The Aiglon group obtained GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice).

2013 The group built a new manufacturing line and modernised the laboratory.
The production capacity increased to 20 000 tonnes allowing a guarantee of flexibility and security of supply. At the same time, the old laboratory and petroleum jelly unit were completely renovated. The entire operation represented an investment of 4 M€.

2014 Acquisition of Biopress, producer of Bio vegetal oils.

The future
The future of the Aiglon group focuses around two strategic priority axes: acquisitions in France, and reinforcement of international development.