Entrepreneurship requires courage and boldness.


With his experience and aware of the realities of entrepreneurship, Jean-Jacques Puyoo, president for 40 years of the Aiglon group, whose main clients are major players in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, supports any initiative aimed at improving research and health for all.

Each year since 2016, a theme is set. After a call for applications, a jury composed of personalities from the medical world awards five prizes. The prizes consist of financial assistance ranging from 4,000 to 20,000 euros, and one year of managerial support for the first prize.

  • 2016: the fight against AIDS
  • 2017: the fight against cancer
  • 2018: integrative medicine
  • 2019: support in geriatrics
  • 2020: anorexia nervosa
  • 2021: multiple disabilities requiring daily assistance from a third party (awards ceremony in November 2021)                                          

Nature of the price

For the winners, the prize will consist of :

  • 20,000 prize money awarded to the first prizewinner
  • 12,000 prize money awarded to the second prize winner
  • A prize of 8,000 euros awarded to the 3rd prizewinner
  • 6,000 prize money awarded to the 4th winner
  • 4,000 prize money awarded to the 5th winner

An entrepreneurial partnership (3 days of consulting) will be offered to the first prizewinner during the first year: interviews with a manager in order to discuss and tackle the following aspects: strategic thinking, management, recruitment, association policy, management, sales...

A press release will be issued announcing the results.

Deadline for applications: October 11, 2021

To participate, click here