The green alternative to petroleum jellyNATURELYN

Aiglon is renowned for the high quality of its traditional mineral vaselines. Naturelyn was created with the same exacting standards of performance and specification. Naturelyn is a natural and formidably effective alternative to traditional vaseline.

Biodegradable and GMO-free, with a Naturalness Index of 1, Naturelyn is made with 100% ingredients of natural origin.

White and pure, Naturelyn has all the virtues of Aiglon Vaselines: moisturizing, protective, healing. It's creamy, easy to spread and easily absorbed. It's a prodigious base for all dermo-cosmetic creams, sun protection creams and many other cosmetic formulations.

biodegradable petroleum jellySMILYN

Consumers, increasingly sensitive to the preservation of the environment, appreciate having biodegradable products. Smilyn meets this expectation; it is the first biodegradable vaseline of 100% mineral origin. It passes with flying colours the biodegradability test according to the OECD 301B method.

With Smilyn, Aiglon offers cosmetic laboratories the advantages of a mineral-based petroleum jelly while providing a biodegradable product.

Pure, white, without odour or taste, it has all the virtues of Aiglon petroleum jellies: moisturising, protecting, healing. It is creamy, spreads easily and penetrates well into the skin. It is a tremendous base for all dermo-cosmetic creams, sun care creams, and numerous cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

Naturalness and brilliance VEGGIE GEL

Lipophilic, biosourced and biodegradable, the Veggie Gel is a creation of Aiglon.

  • Soft and silky

It is used as a sensory and texturizing additive. Anhydrous gel with a very pleasant touch, transparent, pure, odourless, with a high shine, it is soft and silky on the skin. The Veggie Gel texture liquid fats such as vegetable and mineral oils, silicones and esters depending on the doses incorporated.


  • Stable and hydrophobic

Veggie Gel improves the stability of water in oil emulsions. It promotes good dispersion of particles in products. It is hydrophobic and reinforces the viscosity in oil phases. It is compatible with many natural oils, polar oils and esters.

Discover the benefits and properties of Veggie Gel in video