Petroleum jellies

Codex petroleum jellies are the purest in the world. They can be used as excipients and as active pharmaceutical ingredients. Their protective, healing, moisturising and soothing properties are highly valued by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Neutral and stable, they maintain their moisturising capacity for a long time. Aiglon petroleum jellies obtained from blending highly hydrogenated products are not «petrolatum».

Their high degree of refinement means they achieve a purity which exceeds that of products of vegetal origin. Unlike «petrolatum», our petroleum jellies are not in the Cosmetic Directives list of CMR products - carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction.

Codex petroleum jellies Aiglon passed all pharmacopoeias (PE EP, Codex, BP, USP, DAB, JP).

Aiglon manufactures tailor-made petroleum jellies according to customer needs.

- Codex pharmaceutical non-comedogenic petroleum jellies

- Mineral-oil-free Jellies

- Synthetic based Jellies

- Washable petroleum jellies

- Pharmaceutical petroleum jellies EP/BP/USP

Download the petroleum jellies catalog (PDF)