The French petroleum jelly specialist

The Aiglon group is the only French specialist for the manufacturing of petroleum jellies and waxes, gels, oils and technical products. The high technicality and constant research for innovation has earned world renown.

The quality standards are situated above the requirements of the main market standards. The permanent investment efforts and the high level of the research team make Aiglon a leading company in its sector, resolutely turned towards the future.

The group consists of four companies: Aiglon and Synteal for petroleum jellies, oils and gels, Dioveva for vegetal materials, Civetea for industrial waxes.


Petroleum jelly, leading product

Petroleum jelly is a well used ingredient in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Aiglon, the only manufacturer in France, offers the widest range of petroleum jellies on the market.
A successful diversification

Though petroleum jelly remains the primary business, the group also manufactures and commercialises paraffin, wax, gels, oils and different technical products
Pharmacology and cosmetology, key sectors

Aiglon sells its products to the largest French and international companies of pharmacy and cosmetology.
A lasting family business, in constant development

The Aiglon group is a constantly growing family business, armed for the future. The president, Jean-Jacques Puyoo, has built up a management team that combines members of the family with professionals of the industry.
A winning strategy of external growth and investment

To consolidate the growth of the Aiglon group across all markets, Jean-Jacques Puyoo continues with financial investments, and relies on a skilled and versatile team who undertakes and meets challenges.
A high quality service

The quality of service is unmatched:
- Anticipation and analysis of customer needs
- High quality technicality
- Help for implementation, customised supply chain
- Tailor-made solutions
- Quality monitoring, after-sales…