The laboratory: innovation and research

After more than one hundred years in this so specific profession, Aiglon has acquired an incomparable expertise and know-how.

Two chemical engineers are in charge of the laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with scientific material at the cutting edge of technology: gas phase chromatograph coupled with a mass spectrometer, Brookfield viscometer, capillary viscometers, automatic densimeter, penetrometer, Mettler drop melting point, UV spectrophotometer, IR spectrophotometer…

The laboratory’s activity is organised around two complementary axes:

Assurance and quality control

The laboratory assures quality control and traceability all through the production procedure, according to the GMP standards.

Research and Development

Aiglon’s scientific team is developing the largest petroleum jelly range on the market. More than 50 standard products are available from “classic” grades to emollients with a melting texture that spreads easily and adds a feeling of comfort and softness.
This large range of petroleum jellies is consistent with their multiple applications: a lip balm does not require the same petroleum jelly as a pharmaceutical ointment or a massage cream.

Always attentive to customers’ wishes, the Aiglon teams innovate and create new textures: made-to-measure petroleum jellies, a range of transparent gelifiers (Transgels), waxes for special applications.

If you dream of a personalised product just for you, Aiglon will fulfil this.